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US Gave $121 Million to Controversial UN Palestine Relief Agency

Report: J6 Pipe Bomber Was ‘Former’ Government Official

Biden Regime is Letting Illegal Aliens Fly Without Acceptable ID

Illinois Elections Board Votes to Keep Trump on the Ballot

Three US troops are killed and dozens are injured in a drone strike by Iran-backed militia in Jordan

Georgia Senate Votes to Investigate Fulton County DA Fani Willis

Investigation Reveals How CCP Interfered in US Election

Abbott: Texas Has Constitutional Right To Defend Its Borders From Invasion, Supersedes All Federal Law

Report: Senate Immigration Deal Allows 35,000 Illegals at Border Every Week

Report: Michelle Obama’s Secret Plan to Replace Joe Biden for President Emerges

21 Israeli soldiers are killed in the deadliest single attack on the army since the war began

Group Involved in Trump 2024 Ballot Challenges Targets Others With Jan. 6 Ties

House Republicans Introduce Bill to Withdraw Funding from Globalist’s World Economic Forum

Congress Passes Bill to Avert Government Shutdown, Sends Measure to Biden’s Desk

US Lawmakers Hold Vigil for Israeli Hostages at Capitol

DOJ Confirms: Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real This Whole Time

US Military Intercepts Houthi Missile Targeting USS Laboon Warship


Illegal Alien Arrested at Capitol with Machete Was Released into U.S. by Biden DHS

Judge Dismisses Most Counts Against Trump in Brian Sicknick Jan. 6 Lawsuit

Report: Bill Clinton to Be Unmasked in Court Documents Linked to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

The Top 7 Political Stories of 2023