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Ukraine tensions: Putin tells Biden new sanctions could rupture ties

Parents selling children shows desperation of Afghanistan

Four protesters against military rule in Sudan shot dead, doctors say

Biden gets panned on social media for touting about his 2021 economic record

Biden Admin Ignores Law To Sanction Hamas and Hezbollah for Civilian Shield Use, Lawmakers Say

Christmas eve killings reinforce views of ‘evil’ Myanmar military

UK COVID cases soar to new daily record of 183,037: Live

Controversial doctor reportedly on golden path to snag biggest federal retirement payout in US history

Valentina Orellana-Peralta: US teen shot dead by police 'died in mother's arms'

'It's a shock': Colorado police ID shooter who killed 5 people in Denver-area shooting spree


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Trump’s New Social Media Business Is Worth An Estimated $10 Billion

New York Governor Wants to Redefine “Fully Vaccinated” as Getting THREE Doses

BREAKING – Director-General of the WHO claims “Countries are giving Boosters to kill children, this is not right”

Afghanistan’s health care system on the brink of collapse

Jittery Ukrainian villagers ‘fear that a big war will start’

All from US missionary group freed in Haiti, police say

Sole black juror says Jussie Smollett’s noose claim ‘didn’t add up’

Washington, DC, sues Proud Boys, Oath Keepers over Jan. 6

How a Kennedy built an anti-vaccine juggernaut amid COVID-19

‘A terrible tragedy’: US passes 800,000 Covid deaths – highest in the world

At least 62 dead after gas tanker explodes in Haiti's second largest city

UN sounds alarm over extrajudicial killings in the Taliban's Afghanistan

Kentucky tornadoes: 74 confirmed dead, at least 109 unaccounted for

China detects first case of Omicron coronavirus variant on the mainland

The AP Interview: Taliban seek ties with US, other ex-foes

'Biblical' flooding in South Sudan displaces hundreds of thousands

UN-backed report finds 'police brutality' in Colombia contributed to a 'massacre' that killed 11

G7 warns Russia of ‘massive’ consequences if Ukraine invaded

BREAKING NEWS: Spokesman: 8 factory workers dead, 8 missing from tornado

Biden's 'ideologically blinded' admin set stage for failure in Western Europe: Wilkie

Putin-Biden talks: What next for Ukraine?

Daunte Wright: Manslaughter trial of ex-police officer begins

BREAKING NEWS: A federal judge issued a nationwide injunction that prevents the U.S. government from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on federal contractors, temporarily shutting down the last remaining vaccine requirement by the Biden administration.

Biden-Putin square off for 2 hours as Ukraine tensions mount

US diplomats to boycott 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Watch: The Palestinian jailbreak that rocked Israel

Iran nuclear programme: Threat of Israeli strike grows

Breaking News: Aung San Suu Kyi: Myanmar court sentences ousted leader to four years jail

Indonesia volcano: Villages buried under hot ash

Arab Gulf States Compete for Influence in Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan

Fully Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England during November despite Booster Jab Campaign

Twitter Updated Their Policies This Week Which No Longer Allows Sharing Media Without People’s Prior Consent

Biden, Putin set video call Tuesday as Ukraine tensions grow